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President of the Board - Community Living South Huron

Community Living South Huron is saddened to announce the passing of our Board President Larry Langan. Larry embraced the Agency's vision in enhancing the quality of lives of all of the people that we serve. His leadership and advocacy has been greatly appreciated and will be missed by all.

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Community Living South Huron is a non- profit unionized organization supporting people with a developmental disability to participate in all aspect of family and community life.


Position Summary:
Under the supervision of the Executive Director and as a key member of the Management Team you will be responsible to coordinate all aspects of service delivery for the Adult Resource Centre and Dashwood Wood Products.


As the Manager of Community Participation and Supports you will be foster and facilitate the relationships between people supported and their communities.


Provide guidance, mentoring and coaching to staff.


Ensure fiscal monetary obligations are met as budgeted.


Assist and develop proposals to enhance programs and service delivery.


Maintain a safe work environment


Post-secondary diploma in Human Services is preferred.

The ideal candidate must have 3-5 years’ experience in a leadership role within a community setting.

Required are a valid driver license, access to a vehicle, a current Criminal Reference/Vulnerable Check.

Work hours and Compensation:
Work hours will be 40 hours per week.

Candidate must be flexible in an On Call capacity as required.


Salary and benefits to be discussed.


Please submit a confidential resume by
February 24 ,2017 – 4:30pm to:


Rianne Gingerich , Human Resource Manager
Community Living South Huron
146 Main Street Dashwood, Ontario PO Box 29 NOM 1N0


Community Living South Huron is an equal opportunity employer. We thank all applicants; however, only those applicants granted an interview will be contacted.

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Everyone Has a Story...This is Jack's




Jack lived in a small village near Petrolia with his mother and step father until his mom developed cancer and a change was necessary. His family contacted Community Living South Huron. He moved to one of the group homes in Egmondville on February 8, 2003, one week after his 43rd birthday. This was a huge change for him, but one he had been secretly wanting for a number of years. His mom had not been ready to let go any earlier.


Jack was given the opportunity to live in a shared apartment in the basement of the group home. His mom was very nervous, as she had always done so much for him. His family was not sure he could handle the independence. But, he had been given the chance. He took it, he grew, he blossomed, he matured! He had surpassed all expectations!


From day one, although he was nervous and not used to taking risks, he had the desire and willingness to be out on his own. Plans were put in place, staff was provided, meetings were held, goals were set, and his journey towards independence began. He was thrilled to have his own apartment, the opportunity of cutting the grass with his own lawnmower and to have his own phone. He even had business cards to hand out with his new address.


The first few years Jack had to take many risks – some on his own, some with prompting from family. The security he developed from the relationship with staff and management of Community Living and attending ARC also played a major part in his taking risks. Playing baseball for the first time, going into the local hotel and ordering wine with pop, going to Terry’s or Wong’s restaurant for Sunday supper, using his debit card, going to the grocery store by himself, going to Bob the barber by himself, learning how to do laundry, using the microwave and slow cooker - the list goes on. Present day, he will call and make an appointment to have his nails trimmed or call and arrange for a ride to his church. This past September he entered in the Seaforth Fall Fair parade with is Wee Car (a scooter).


Jack has made many friends and acquaintances and is well known far and wide. With that smile and easy-going, friendly and teasing personality, he is pleasant to be around. Everyone agrees he is a welcome addition to the Adult Centre in Clinton every Wednesday. Whether he is camping, fishing or at yard sales with Harold, at the Kinburn barbeque with John, hot dogs at Twilight Tunes on Thursday nights, at the hospital in London, Timmies, walking down the street in Seaforth or Stratford with his brother, there is always a “Hi Jack” or “Where’s Jack” to be heard. It’s important to Jack that they know him. He does like to ask people if they are behaving, or to tell them they are in trouble. He teases and likes to be teased back.


Yes – Jack is a success story. He has accepted the challenges that were necessary for the full, rich and rewarding life that he lives. A life that is more than his family could have hoped for. His family feels he owes so much of who he is to Community Living South Huron for providing him with this opportunity. Without the support of management and staff, he could not have attained this level of independence and success. Jack and his family are so grateful!

Submitted by Bonnie (Jack’s Sister)

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23rd Annual Bob Wililams Golf Tournament

Wow!! What a huge success, and what a great response from our community!  The 23rd Annual Bob Williams Golf Tournament in support of Community Living South Huron raised $13,000!  This event could not be the success it is without the many corporate sponsors, prize donors, and of course golfers, that contribute.  We are overwhelmed by the show of support by our community, and we are so grateful for everyone's generosity.  Please take a moment to look at the list - we could not host this tournament without these businesses and individuals.


The goal for this year's event was to raise funds to convert a space at the Adult Resource Centre into a technology lab with state-of-the-art devices that will enhance the training and education aspects of the people coming to our program.  We are happy to report that renovations are underway!  Check out our Facebook page for updates as the room progresses!




Placemat web


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Everyone Has a Story...This is Nina's



This is a story about Nina. Nina has been in our program since she was 24 years old, and already came with a long history.

Nina was born in Chihuahua, Mexico to a family of Mexican Mennonites. She lived in a dirt brick home with no electricity or water, on a small farm with cows and chickens. Nina and her siblings all worked in the home and on the farm. When Nina was six years old, her parents and relatives moved to the Tillsonburg area.
Nina worked alongside her parents in the fields, taking off vegetables and tobacco. After arriving in Ontario, two more children were born, making it a total of six.
With the change in culture and values, Nina’s parents began drinking, and over time became alcoholics. They would leave the children at home alone when they went out drinking. Nina was the oldest child, and was left to care for her siblings from the age of nine, when her parents did not return home. She did all the housekeeping chores – cooking laundry (on a washboard) and changing diapers.

When her parents did come home, they would physically fight and hurt each other and their children. Over time, Nina and her siblings would have to go to their neighbours to ask for food, as all the money was spent on alcohol. Eventually the Children’s Aid Society was called, and Nina, her brothers and sister, were placed in foster homes. Three of the younger siblings were adopted. Nina went into a group home in London.

Because Nina cared for her family when she was so young, she did not have any formal education or help with reading and writing. Nina had trouble following the rules at home and was in trouble with the police. She moved to an institution in Barrie, where she lived for several years. There, she proved herself – she followed the rules and was moved to the Albert Street Group Home in Exeter. Nina learned how to cook, clean, care for herself and be responsible.
Nina had trouble making friends at first, but when she started trusting people it became easier. After living at the home and learning how to look after a home and herself, she moved into her own apartment. Nina was very excited to be on her own! The support workers through the SIL program checked in on her every day. They helped her with her shopping, banking and relationships.

When Nina moved out of the Institution, she starting looking for her siblings. She has found them all, and even talked with her mother! She went to Special Education classes to learn more and continued to learn. She became happy with her life, and continues to learn with the help of her SIL Support Worker.
Nina has learned so many valuable life lessons, and has made mistakes along the way. She is trying to work on things. Her brother left foster care and was on his own for most of his life. Nina sees that he struggles with life, has no friends, and is not comfortable with help. Nina, though, knows it would be difficult to be on her own, and appreciates the support she receives with money, health, skills and counselling. She has developed many long-term, good friendships with people. She has moved away a few times, but always returns, as she missed her friends and support system.

Nina is very thankful for the support she receives through the Supported Independent Living program, and her support workers are amazed at how far she has come over the years. Way to go, Nina!

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